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The Fast Ferry “Xin Hai Yun” Was Launched

Release time:2021-01-11 Source:英辉

        On 16th October 2020, the fast ferry “Xin Hai Yun” was launched successfully, which was built by Afai Southern Shipyard for Zhuhai Jiuzhou Blue SeaJet Investment Holdings Co. Ltd. The representatives of Shipowner, the Director of Board Mr. Liang Kaibin, Vice General Manager Mr. Wang Jiaxin, Mr. Li Jianbin, the Project Manager of CCS Mr. Zhang Weijun, and the General Manager of CSSC Yuanzhou (Beijing) Science & Technology Co. Ltd Mr. Han Bing, participated in the Launching Ceremony. With the celebration of the owner representatives Ms. Jiang Xiaoran and Mr. Li Jianbin. “Xin Hai Yun” slowly slided into the Pearl River and moored successfully. Another significant milestone of this project reached.

       “Xin Hai Yun” is the eighth fast ferry built by Afai Southern Shipyard for the same shipowner. The ferry was constructed with half small waterplane hull shape, specified bow design and efficient waterjet, which will bring better rapidity and seakeeping performance. The performance of safety, rapidity and low fuel consumption, will be more beneficial for shipowner and passengers.