About Us

Pragmatic and Efficient, Enterprising and Discipline

Since founded in 1992, Afai Southern has absorbed the advantages of corporate culture from China and Western, and has already formed, by the accumulation of over ten years time, a corporate culture with Afai Southern’s characteristics, which has provided with strong impetus and support for exploiting market and becoming famous aluminium alloy ship builder in the world.

The corporate culture based on the corporate spirit --“Pragmatic and Efficient, Enterprising and Discipline”, is the powerful soft strength to exploit market and become famous aluminium alloy ship builder, and is the core competence of Afai Southern as well.

I.  Corporate Spirit: Pragmatic and Efficient, Enterprising and Discipline

II.  Development aim: Lead the development trend of aluminum shipbuilding industry, support the development of national defense, service China's national strategy

III. Company's Vision: Be the world-renowned and domestic leading high-performance aluminum vessel supplier 

IV. Brand Concept: Always First-rate, Always Innovative.

V.  Corporate Common Conception

1.  Managerial conception:  manage strictly and treat kindly; cautious and effective

2.  Brand conception: Customers First; Making Excellent Products

3.  Safety Conception: Guiding Principle by System; Substantial Safety

4.  Team Conception: Human-oriented; Harmoniously developing

5.  Innovation Conception: Worship Progress; Transcend Ourselves

6. Incorruption concept: incorruption dedication, integrity and law-abiding

VI.  Staffs’ image and behavior rule:

   1.  Leader’s image: can exploit and innovate, scientifically make decision, with democratic style, strictly restrain themselves.

   2.  Chinese Communist Party members’ image: with firm faith, can bear firmly the aim in mind, with one heart and one mind, be willing to become a good example.

   3.  Managerial members’ image: can unite and cooperate; dare take responsibility; be pragmatic and cautious; pursue performance.

   4.  Workers’ image: can obey the regulations and discipline, with civilized behavior, work hard and efficiently, strive to be an expert.

VII.  Corporate Image:

   1.  Internal image: Be tidy, clean, green, and beautiful.

   2.  External image: Trusted by customers, with first-class service.