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Pragmatic and Efficient, Enterprising and Discipline

Since founded in 1992, Afai Southern has absorbed the advantages of corporate culture from China and Western, and has already formed, by the accumulation of over ten years time, a corporate culture with Afai Southern’s characteristics, which has provided with strong impetus and support for exploiting market and becoming famous aluminium alloy ship builder in the world.

The corporate culture based on the corporate spirit --“Pragmatic and Efficient, Enterprising and Discipline”, is the powerful soft strength to exploit market and become famous aluminium alloy ship builder, and is the core competence of Afai Southern as well.

I.  Corporate Spirit: Pragmatic and Efficient, Enterprising and Discipline

“Pragmatic and Efficient” reflects a spirit of hard working at our posts; reflects an attitude to service the society resolutely.

“Enterprising and Discipline” reflects a pioneer spirit that tries to be excellent and strong; reflects a civilization quality that obeys discipline and laws.

“Pragmatic and Efficient, Enterprising and Discipline” are spirit support and impetus for Afai Southern to realize scientific development.

II.  Development aim: Cultivate the top-rate talent; Construct the top-rate shipyard; Build the top-rate ship

Based on our smart staffs, by means of advanced technology and meticulous management, by raising the levels of quality, environment and occupational health and safety managements persistently, to construct an aluminium alloy ship building enterprise with advanced level worldwide and to build the internationally top-rate aluminium alloy ships are the common goal of Afai Southern’s people.

III.  Corporate Common Conception

1.  Managerial conception:  manage strictly and treat kindly; cautious and effective

“Manage strictly and treat kindly” means managing and assessing strictly; everyone being equal in front of the duty; advocating respect, trust, justice and sincerity to others.

“Cautious and effective” means blending meticulous management and informationalized management into the whole process of production and business, making the process more perfect, standardized and in order; making the positions professionalized; treating everything cautiously; improving the work procedures constantly and maintaining the working quality of every position; raising the executive ability; attaching great importance to the systematic thinking for the managerial links; making every position’s communication smoothly and making the enterprise management have good and integrative efficiency.

2.  Brand conception: Customers First; Making Excellent Products

“Customers first” means treating customers politely and sincerely; providing the customers with quality service, value-added service and over-value service sincerely, to win the trust to us from the customers and shipowners with the best service, and raise the reputation of Afai Southern.

“Making excellent products” means establishing brand consciousness; winning the customers by consummate and excellent ships; through joint efforts of all our staffs, making every project of Afai Southern become the consummate project and sample product, and become the reflection of the quality; making Afai Southern become a brand in the aluminium alloy ship market, so as to win the market by the brand.

3.  Safety Conception: Guiding Principle by System; Substantial Safety

“Guiding Principle by system” means that occupational health safety management and site operations must take the system as the guiding principle for the actions, must rule the operations according to the requirements of the management system strictly; that publicity and implementation must refer to the systematic documents as the original version; that working and operating must base on the operation guidance book.

“Substantial Safety” means to realize transformations from “no accident” to “no defect”, from “post- factum treatment” to “pre-control”, from “dealing with the hidden troubles” to “identifying the sources of danger”; from “require me to be safe” to “I want to be safe”.

4.  Team Conception: Human-oriented; Harmoniously developing

“Human-oriented” means concerning and taking good care of staffs by fair mechanism and sincere heart, and providing the staffs with developing space and platform for them to develop abilities; through human resources development and effective encouragement, to respect knowledge, respect labour, absorb talents, keep talents and strengthen team construction.

“Harmoniously developing” means during realizing the fast, sustainable and healthy development of Afai Southern, meanwhile regarded “having passion, being good at communication, attaching impaortance to responsibility and having ambitious conduct” as requirements, to realize the consistency between the self-value reflection of the staffs and the whole goal of the enterprise; to enhance the loyalty of staffs to the enterprise; to make them like their posts and respect their jobs, cooperate together, be willing to devote, share the achievement of enterprise’s development, share the risk of enterprise’s operation and go to a fate community; furthermore to have team spirit among the staffs, to make them care each other, share happiness and pain, make joint efforts to achieve the goal of “first-class enterprise, first-class efficiency, first-class beneficial result and first-class treatment”.

5.  Innovation Conception: Worship Progress; Transcend Ourselves

“Worship progress” means advocating to be good at learning new knowledge, to accept new ideas, to master and develop skills, have consciousness of potential perils, guard against conceit and impetuosity, adapt us to the progress of times and the development of enterprise constantly.

“Transcend ourselves” means with scientific and strict attitude as well as positive and the enterprising spirit, to practise deeply, enrich knowledge and experience, widen horizon; do not be conceited and rigid; strive to be excellent staffs who dare compete and realize their own value.

6. Incorruption concept: incorruption dedication, integrity and law-abiding

“Incorruption dedication” means revering authority, dedication to occupation, proud of incorruption, ashamed of corruption. Do that working hard to fulfill duties, real practice and solid work, improve the sense of responsibility and the concept of discipline, honesty and incorruption, impartially handle affairs, consciously restrain oneself professional behavior with party discipline, company rules, occupation ethics, laws and regulations. Self-dignify, self-review, self-warn, self-encourage, prevent any small mistake from occuring, resolutely resist corruption and harmful practice, form a great incorruption circumstance

“Integrity and law-abiding” means that operate in accordance with the laws and keep one’s promise. Company pursues to increase simultaneously of corporate reputation and customers’ interests, on the basis of abidance by legal base line, goes beyond self, receives guests sincerely, bravely assumes social responsibility; staffs pursue development together with company, suit action to the word, tell the truth, do his concrete, seek practical results, enhance execution force, abide by rules and disciplines, pay attention to the overall situation, consciously maintain the company image and collective reputation.  

IV.  Staffs’ image and behavior rule:

   1.  Leader’s image: can exploit and innovate, scientifically make decision, with democratic style, strictly restrain themselves.

   2.  Chinese Communist Party members’ image: with firm faith, can bear firmly the aim in mind, with one heart and one mind, be willing to become a good example.

   3.  Managerial members’ image: can unite and cooperate; dare take responsibility; be pragmatic and cautious; pursue performance.

   4.  Workers’ image: can obey the regulations and discipline, with civilized behavior, work hard and efficiently, strive to be an expert.

V.  Corporate Image:

   1.  Internal image: Be tidy, clean, green, and beautiful.

   2.  External image: Trusted by customers, with first-class service.