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Two Pilot Boats Were Delivered

Release time:2021-01-11 Source:英辉

       On June 28, 2020, Afai Southern Shipyard delivered two new designed and built pilots boat to Guangzhou Port Pilot Station, respectively called “Guangzhou Port Yin Hang 3” and “Guangzhou Port Yin Hang 5”.

     The representatives of owner, CCS and shipyard joined and witnessed the delivery ceremony, including the First-Class Consultant of Guangzhou Harbor Authority Mr. Lian Jianli, Vice Director of Water Transport Bureau Mr. Pan Jiafu, Station Manager of Guangzhou Port Pilot Station Mr. Wang Wei, Vice Station Manager Mr. Lu Jianhua, Director of CCS Guangzhou Inspection Mr. Hu Zhuo, General Manager of CCSI Mr. Wang Haohan, General Manager of CSSC Yuanzhou (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Han Bing.

        The Vice Director of Board of AFAI delivered a welcome speech and sincere thanks to Guangzhou Harbour Authority and Guangzhou Port Pilot Station for giving Afai Southern Shipyard the opportunity to participate in the construction of pilot boats, contributing to the development of pilotage and providing a stronger traffic guarantee for pilot officers. He also stated that AFAI will continue to accumulate more experience in the design and construction of pilot boats, continue to provide stronger guarantees for the pilotage of Guangzhou Port, helping to speed up the development of pilotage, serving to the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macau Greater Bay Area and the “Belt and Road”.

        The delivery of two new built pilots boats is a significant step for Guangzhou Harbor Authority and Guangzhou Port Pilot Station to develop the pilotage business in Greater Bay Area, stated by the Station Manager Mr. Wang Wei. He also expects more future cooperation with AFAI. The Guangzhou Port Pilot Station will improve the pilotage service ability and level in the future and play his good role in the development of Guangdong- Hong Kong- Macau Greater Bay Area.

       At the end, with the blessing with an enthusiastic poem of Mr. Liu Yong, Vice General Manager of Afai Southern Shipayard, the delivery ceremony of the pilot boats was successfully concluded.