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Gulf of Bothnia ferry design revealed

Release time:2014-08-03 Source:

    The initial mock up design for a new ferry as part of the “Bothnian Corridor” project has been revealed.

    The project, known in full as the “Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor”, will see the creation of a ferry route between Vaasa, Finland and Ume?, Sweden, on the Gulf of Bothnian in the Baltic Sea.

    Requirements for the vessel included an innovative design, fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness.

    The design also had to take into account the need for operational flexibility, since the transport demands on the route will vary from season to season. Though the demand for cargo is stable throughout the course of the year, passenger numbers peak in the summer.

    Therefore, during peak periods the ferry will run to a tighter schedule than is required at other times when the speed can be reduced in order to save fuel costs. Additionally, the design had to consider icy conditions during the winter months.

    "The project has been initiated to develop a multi-modal logistics corridor across the Gulf of Bothnia,” said Mathias Lindstr?m, a director of the Kvarken Council and project leader for the Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor project.

    “The planning and design of the new ferry is one of the key activities in the project. Feasibility and environmental sustainability are essential cornerstones."

    The ship’s design phase is scheduled to be finalised by mid-2015.(From: